- Vision -

To be the most renowned branded clothing manufacturer in Sri Lanka.

- Mission -

Empower – To Nurture highly motivated and empowered employees.
Automate – To pursue intelligent automation of systems and processes.
Excel – To ensure continuous improvements in quality.
Certify – To be an internationally certified and compliant factory.
Develop – To enable the customer in design and development.
Trust. – To be a committed and reliable supplier
Care – Assist in sustainable community development

- Values -

Collaboration & Teamwork
Passion & Commitment
Professionalism & Expertise
Ethics & Integrity
Recognition & Empowerment
Learning & Continuous Improvement

Bernard Botejue Industries manufactured apparel at its home base, 106 Dutugemunu Street, since its inception in 1948 producing everything from caps to socks!

With the government’s ‘200 Factory’ programme in 1991 Bernards, a well-established clothing manufacturer at the time decided to venture out into starting a factory in the remote village of Kolonna in 1992.

The government initiative was driven by the desire to provide employment opportunities to youth in the rural areas of Sri Lanka. Garment manufacturers were encouraged to build factories all over the country.

From a list of options, Kolonna a small village in the Ratnapura District was chosen as there was an abundance of potential employees because there were no other industries in the area aside from farming.

A state of the art factory was set up and many training centres were established to develop the skills and capabilities of the employees. Initially the factory employed a total of 500 people with an installed capacity of 200 sewing machines. Today the plant has 300 machines in operation and employs 660 people including staff and who are all from Kolonna and other neighbouring towns. Today the modernized factory is equipped with a Lectra system for pattern making, Machinery that assists in fabric inspection and testing as well as many up-to-date sewing machines.

With the world’s recent focus on the environment and sustainable development, the Bernards Kolonna plant is moving towards being an energy efficient and eco-friendly factory starting with the installation of LED lighting and Air cooling systems. In the near future, plans have been set in motion to install a waste water purifying system and to completely eliminate the use of non-biodegradable materials such as polythene and plastics. The factory also maintains high standards of compliance and is certified by WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), SEDEX and the Joint Apparel Association Federation’s ‘Garments Without Guilt’ accreditation.

Bernards Kolonna currently produces high quality knitwear for leading brands in the US & Europe.

The dynamic factory not only focuses on fast turnarounds, high quality and efficiency, it also emphasises the importance of corporate social responsibility. Scholarship programs for students from the schools in the area, sponsorship of village events, donations for montessori’s, schools, temples and elders’ homes are undertaken annually along with other activities such as assisting employees with loans for the development of their homes and livelihood and dredging up a lake that enabled the cultivation of approximately 70 acres of abandoned paddy land.

The success of Bernards Kolonna can be attributed to its people; the people within the organisation who challenge forward to excel in production, performance, efficiency and quality while also being environmentally and socially conscious.

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